December 10, 2014

Changes On The Homefront

a few changes around here...some big life changes and some fluffy but fun redecorating changes.

the big news is that i'm stopping work in the middle of january. i'm terrified and excited at the same time. it was, and still is, a really tough decision, but it's one that i think is right for our family right now. i've been at the same company over the last 7.5 years so it will be a huge change and a large part of my life today will "end" in a way when i leave. but a new chapter will begin and for that i'm excited. one goal that i have is to kick up my design business a notch or two. i've worked at this point with several people on projects big and small and i really love it. i need to continue to grow my confidence and think of myself more on a professional level - someone with real insights to offer. and that's scary too! one project that i'm starting to think about is a business name and logo. any thoughts would be welcome!!

and on the other end of the spectrum - a non-life change but a fun one! - we've done a bit of a redo in our living room and a lot of furniture moves! (oh yeah - remember that time when i said no more big projects for a year?! well i've failed, majorly.) here's the deal - our basement has an awesome playroom/tv area with a sofa and chair from my first apartment ever. that makes it approximately 15 years old. #sadbuttrue #ifeelancient. it is perfect because we don't care what happens to it but it's also not-so-perfect because it doesn't really provide enough seating and isn't the best use of the space.

("before" pic just after we moved in - best one i have b/c of course i forgot to snap one for this post!)

at the same time, we started to realize that the sectional in our family room had started to get lumpy and uneven no matter how many times we turned the cushions. basically just uncomfortable which by the way is really annoying since it's basically only 2 years old (from pottery barn - would not recommend their sofas anymore). so we decided it was time to sell the old blue sofa and chair in the basement, move the sectional down there, and invest in something that hopefully (it better!!) will last a really long time for the family room upstairs.

so now, here is the new sectional in it's new home. it's really perfect for this spot - fits well and the kids can abuse it - within reason ;).

i also added a new rug that i picked up on one kings lane to add a little color back to the room since the sectional is basically the same color as the walls and the furniture (so many plans in my head to make it even better!). the poufs from target are perfect for kicking up your feet!

we actually like to be down here now almost as much as the kids! but let's be real...this is how it looks 90% of the time :)


Mary-Elisabeth Jones said...

Awesome post !

Ann Gavin said...

So exciting! Now maybe we will finally find time to get our kiddos together, and I'll need your design advice when we move!

Anonymous said...

What's the brand name of the paint for the stripes?

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