December 23, 2014

Holiday Heels

two pairs of shoes that i felt the need to share - both are heels (gasp!) from banana republic. i haven't been shopping there for a while now. just feel like the quality isn't there anymore. anyone agree with me? anyway, they still bang out (bang out?) a killer pair of heels.

i've worn these black suede d'orsay ones to a few parties/dinners out and they make me feel younger, taller (obvi), and fashionable. all good things in my book! my feet might not be happy with me at the end of the night but i think it's good for them to remember what it feels like to wear a good heel ;)

the red suede pumps just have the holidays written all over them. they make any outfit seem more fun and festive!

what are your holiday plans? any heels involved? would love to know your faves! :)

1 comment:

Lacey said...

There is something about a good heel, isn't there? Love both of these! And I agree with you, BR has been off the list for a while, but shoes are always a redeeming factor! Merry merry to you all!

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