December 8, 2014

Holiday Table Scheming!

ho ho ho y'all! busiest weekend ever but we finally got our tree - i feel like we were so late based on what i've seen on ig and now i'm excited to start decorating! it's so fun to be creating our own holiday traditions with the boys, especially now that they are beginning to understand the concept of santa. it's so awesome to see it all again through a child's eyes.

i've been doing some scheming - and shopping :) - lately for my holiday tabletop. we host christmas eve dinner every year, and even though it's just 7 or 8 of us, i still like to pretty it up! this year i'm going for color and shine!

my other half stated that this wasn't very "christmasy" but i say, break from traditional red and green and white! not sure he's sold ;)

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