January 19, 2015


when we were first looking at our house, it was easy to fall in love with it. it's pretty awesome! but no house is perfect and we have always felt like something is missing on the outside. it's lacking a bit of character to be honest.

it dawned on us pretty quickly that what was missing are shutters! the rendering that i found in a drawer after we moved in even has them drawn which makes it that much easier to envision.

so after living here for 2.5 years (already!) we have started down the path of making this design dream a reality. we are looking at composite shutters that have a lifetime warranty for both structure and finish which cuts out the maintenance headache that i think is often associated with shutters. it's not a small project so i'm really hoping that they will look as good in reality as they do in my head! check out my inspiration images - some more aspirational than others ;)

so if by chance you were on the fence before, these surely changed your mind!

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