February 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Summer Clothes

we are so out of our routine it's painful!! so let's just continue on this path of warm weather dreaming - and for those of you in warm weather currently, i hate you. ;) the new vineyard vines catalog came in the mail a couple weeks ago and while i'm actually not a huge vv fan for myself, this time there were some eye catching things! maybe it's because i'm starved for anything that isn't boots, hats, and big jackets but it looked good to me!

this dress could be easily dressed up or down. perfect for a summer wedding or a walk around town.

having a thing for tassels right now.

and also pom poms are pretty great.

vv's take on boho!

more tassels. seriously though, this necklace is really good.

so are you with me? happy friday!

1 comment:

TheJoyofColor said...

Such a lovely spring summer preview, love the colors

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