April 14, 2015

Back To Square One

you guys it was the best weather ever yesterday. we hit over 70!! i told mr. r that i wish it was like this always but he said the winter we had makes you appreciate it more. and you know what? he's right.

buuuttt...major sad face today. after a long wait, one kings lane came back to me yesterday and broke my little heart - they can not get a replacement for the coffee table that i ordered (somehow a chandelier was delivered instead). and i'm so hooked on the parquet top/metal base now that i want to find the same thing again.

there are a few options...

this one from wisteria but not sure about the dimensions. definitely pretty though.

restoration hardware has one but 1. it's expensive and 2. i'm not sure how i feel about the top being inset in the base. dimensions are good though.

oh and then there's this one which is perfect in every way except for, you know, the $2500 price tag. ooph.

pity. party.


Fran said...

You know there is an etsy seller that actually builds a lot of RH pieces at a fraction of the retail price. I'm sure they could do something like this…..My SIL had them do a dining table that looks exactly like the RH trestle piece.

meredith said...

Fran - thank you! Do you know the exact seller? I have found a bunch that work with wood and a bunch that work in metal but finding one that does both well has been a challenge!

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