May 4, 2015

Coffee Table Saga Part 85

hey hey hey! we just had our first weekend of actual warmth and it was really the best thing ever. plus this week looks amazing - i mean it's may so it should be right?! also we went to the house of some new friends and it was ah-mazing!! gut renovated cape that was done over so so well. i didn't want to leave. kudos liz if you happen to read this!

since you all have been along for the super exciting ride of my coffee table purchase, i thought i'd update you with the latest. :) i think this is actually part 4 instead of 85 but hey who's counting? after a kick in the pants from a reader (a big thank you to fran who commented that a family member of hers used an etsy seller to recreate a restoration hardware table!!), i started to really scour etsy and i came up with three sellers that i thought were a good match for what i am looking for.

two of them came back to me with quotes - just over $1,000 apart. yikes! of course i'm questioning do you get what you pay for or is one of them outrageously high or one just very reasonable?? i ultimately went with this seller and so far there's been great communication plus he has really good reviews and lots of sales. i asked him to make a mock up of a section of the top so i can see how it's shaping up. we're using white oak and a wax finish to help preserve the natural wood look. to say i'm nervous would be an understatement but fingers crossed! here are three gorgeous spaces featuring this style table.

this one is from the zhush and i've been drooling over this entire room for a while now...

p.s. i realized that i never commented on all of the sadness occurring in baltimore. i grew up outside of the city and the areas of town where a lot of the violence and protests are happening are frankly not places i would ever venture to. the divide is real and if you're looking for a show to watch on netflix, try the wire. it's sad and captivating at the same time and if you've already seen it, then i think you have a better picture what's been going on and why. sadly i don't think we will ever break the cycle of that way of life either. #deepthoughtsforamonday

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