May 14, 2015

Small Change, Big Impact

first i would like to publicly thank my husband who is my hero for going to the verizon store and staying for over 2 hours while they switched over my phone to an old one. i dropped mine on monday and smashed the front. glass was literally coming off on my fingers every time i used it. i actually tried going to the store myself and they ended up giving me back both phones, neither working. i was freaking out just a teeny tiny bit.

anyway! i posted a pic on instagram last week of the new lantern on our side porch as they were all going up. i can not tell you how happy i am with these lights. the pictures honestly don't do them justice - they look a little small in the pics but in real life the scale is just right. they make the whole house seem more finished, cozier, and cuter. now all we need are the shutters and we'll be in good shape!

how sweet is this pic - finn saw me taking it and wandered up there and took a closer look at the light. it looks totally staged but it isn't!!

the front porch looking pretty good too. we also updated the house numbers and again, a small change but it looks way better.

i also had the electricians swap out the doorbells while we were at it. you can see the old one in the first pic with finn. the new ones are from rejuvenation and are very simple but the details matter!

the landscapers are supposed to be coming today or tomorrow to start removing some dead bushes, adding some sod, and reworking the garden bed with some new plants. once the shutters are up it will be fun to see a before and after i think!

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