June 1, 2015

Cherry Blossom Bathroom

did you have a fun weekend? we took off early for a wedding on the cape which was absolutely beautiful. our T-E-N year anniversary is coming up soon so it was really fun to be at a wedding at the cape to remind us of ours :)

if you get house beautiful then you may have already seen this bathroom and since i'm typically about a month behind in reading, this has probably been everywhere already. but holy moly this tile work. while this bathroom isn't "me" at all, i can completely and totally appreciate the beauty in here. the third image down shows how intricate the tile is. the designer drew every branch and flower and chose what color each petal should be.

one teeny tiny thing that bugs me is how skinny the mirrors are - i wonder why they went with a double sconce in the middle of the mirrors instead of a single one to maximize the space. but that pale blue color is killer!! amazing design!

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