June 2, 2015

Exterior Updates

have i mentioned the company boxed here before? it's like an online costco type of thing. they have large quantities of random stuff and their inventory is always changing. they have organic brands for the littles and even honest company products! anyway, they gave me a $15 off any order code to pass along so i gladly will! type MIS3B to save! and shipping is crazy fast, like next day!

last week i was outside watering our newly planted sod and bushes when a very nice woman walked by and said she thought our house was looking "wonderful." it seriously made me beam. we've tried hard to take it from builder-boring to homey and charming. actually that's not totally fair - it wasn't boring when we bought it but it had potential to be a lot cozier. i thanked her of course and said that we're trying to make it look more personal and she said we've succeeded. so nice. i took a few pics and thought i'd share the progress thus far.

our shutters came in (for the second time, fingers crossed they're right this time - i haven't seen them yet!) and i really hope they add to the look and they aren't too much. i hate when self-doubt and second guessing creeps in!

1 comment:

Artie said...

Love the lanterns, everything looks great!

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