June 22, 2015

Nantucket Recap!

hellooooo! in case you're not following along on instagram, we were on vacation last week and it was divine to get away. i decided that was yet another reason i was so miserable this past winter (we're already planning two trips next year to break up the cold!). anyway, we were in nantucket and it felt like a true getaway being on the ferry and then on the island. ack is like another world in some ways. a very luxurious other world and the houses are beyond. so of course i went stalking and snapped a few pics to share. mr. r decided that when we win the lottery, a home there would be a good idea. :)

first, the view from our rental which will be hard to ever beat.

we were literally right on the beach in madaket. and the madaket beach is amazing. wide, clean, soft sand and huge waves. and oh the sunsets! the water wasn't swimming temperature but that was ok. our house was cute but had some deferred maintenance. we decided that while we will definitely go back next year, we wouldn't rent the same house again. but it didn't kill the trip or anything!

so onto the good stuff...lots of the really crazy estates have these long driveways where you know something really good is back there but you can't even come close to seeing it from the road. kinda like this one. this is just the entrance people!! THE most quaint and picturesque of anything we saw.

another driveway to nowhere ;)

this one wasn't bad, i mean i'd take it.

or this one which was much prettier in person.

then there was this compound with matching gates.

and this house close to town that i posted on instagram that is just about the cutest thing ever. that blue!!

there was a ton of construction going on all around and it was clear the economy there was booming. :) next year i hope to get more shots of some of the smaller (though hardly small), charming homes that are all over the place! (i kind of forgot to take house pics except for one day!)

happy summer everyone!!

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