June 9, 2015

Playroom Inspo

hi y'all! not sure how much blogging is going to happen this week but at least this one post :) as per usual i've been doing a lot of dreaming and scheming - this time about changes to our basement playroom. i've mentioned before that our basement isn't a typical basement - it's bright and light with full size windows and a french door to the patio. so it truly feels like another room in our house.

oh and the bedroom that i posted on instagram this past weekend is down there too! anyway, the sectional is working out great down there, we love it. but i've been looking at those same pillows for about 8 years now - seriously they've been in all three of our homes - and they're looking terrible. all stained from formula and the turquoise and brown isn't really a hot combo. we've been using them because it's what we had but i started to think it's time for a refresh.

one thing always, always, always leads to another and i began thinking about what else i'd like to do down there to brighten and freshen the space. here is my inspiration image (design by studio mcgee):

gah those built ins! dreamy. here's what i came up with...

the first thing that is screaming at me is the current wall color. it's dingy. a coat of fresh white paint would be so perfect for this room. with the white paint, i thought the blue herringbone would be really crisp. it's available as both a fabric and wallpaper so i imagine using it for roman shades on the windows and then papering the wall where the stripes are (see pic above). and i think the animal  heads would look great against it! next, in that bay where the windows and door are, i'd love to hang two rattan chairs. not entirely practical at this stage of life with little ones but i can totally envision them! especially with a really pretty cushion like the striped one at the top right. ;)  then moving to the wall where i added the big clothespins for displaying artwork (this post), i recently swapped out a tall white ikea expedit bookcase for a shorter gloss gray one that we had in storage. the shorter size opens up room for a nice big piece of art above and those squares in navy, pink, and orange (bottom left above) would look great with the pillows. and speaking of the pillows, let's just be honest here - you know all of them are already sitting on my sofa lol!! all of the other furniture stays with the hope/wish/intent that one day we will be able to add some nice built-ins along the wall that i never photograph b/c it's so ugly! but basically where the sectional faces in the first picture above.

i think this could easily become my favorite space in the house! a little pink never hurt anyone right? not everything needs to be designed for boys only. at least not until they have opinions on these things!!

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