July 2, 2015

Blog Redesign In The Works!!

quickly first - if you go to ballard designs and scroll to the bottom, you will see my instagram shutter photo in the first box (also showcasing their calisse lantern)!! always exciting to see your own stuff on big boy sites :)

anywho, it's official y'all! i'm teaming up with kelly christine studio to make a lonnnng overdue and much needed overhaul of this blog. granted, i am not making money doing this so i'm not going to put a big chunk of change towards it but i am going to put a lot of effort into it because it's kinda like my little baby. it gives me a place to come, chat, and post some of my work. i want it to reflect me on a more professional level.

now i get to brainstorm about the look i'm going for and it's hard!! i'm glad i waited until now in some respects because i know i want to go neutral and calm. i think in the past i would have jumped toward color. neutral might sound boring but i think it will help on the sophistication and professionalism scale. my big question is do i add blue, my most favorite color? so i started to pull some images together that might translate into a palette.

pretty rooms to look at if nothing else :)

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