July 14, 2015

Pretty Pajamas

i have never been one to care about what i sleep in. a t shirt and leggings is my uniform. and i'm talking mismatched, old, hole in the armpit kind of shirt. but recently i decided to get myself a pair of real, grown up pjs at a serena and lily on zulily.

i have to say that i've been very surprised by how much i like these jammies. they're really comfortable! i'm even tempted to go back and splurge on this shorts set.

but then this past weekend i saw such a pretty pair on looklingerlove's instagram feed and had to investigate more! the brand is lake and the pajamas are so light and airy and just pretty!

if you like nightgowns, they have those too! so tell me, do you wear nice pajamas or old, crappy stuff?

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