August 19, 2015

Help Needed - Watches

two things first - 1. i met with a new client last friday and she is adorbs. i'm positive her husband is too but unfortunately he wasn't able to be there. anyway i'm super excited about this new project! and 2. we have planned two trips to FL next winter to make up for being house bound this past winter and are starting to make flight/car reservations. my hubby just happened to checked hertz for our april trip and we ended up getting a giant suburban for $270 for the WEEK. can you even believe that deal?? i almost feel like it was mistake! i bet the airfare will more than make up for the savings but you know, let's worry about that later. :)

ok! in a very sad turn of events i am in need of a new watch. i have a beautiful tag that i accidentally dropped apparently at just the right angle and yadda yadda yadda i can no longer change the date or time. kind of important features of a watch! oh and it costs obscene amounts of money to fix it.

so i'm looking for a new, affordable watch but i'm at a total loss.

this michael kors one is cute but i'm not sure it's everyday.

this one from fossil isn't bad.

a little kate spade action.

but i need help!! this is hard!

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