September 17, 2015


when we went to weekapaug, as soon as we walked in the room, there was this smell and it was a diffuser by red flower called jasmine grandiflorum. and this whole new world opened up to me which sounds insane because it's not like they're new!! but for whatever reason we have never had one. i love the idea of that over burning a candle which feels even more dangerous with little ones around.

it's definitely intense and i would not recommend it for a small space. also it's expensive - but it's huge - probably will last like 5 years.

anthropologie has a few and i have no idea if they're good or not but this one has a pretty package  and gets good reviews. :)

for real though, i'm clueless! what are you favorite diffusers? what about essential oils? i also have one from west elm that's nice but we have stopped smelling it after a while even though we flip the sticks. help!

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Joseph Raulph said...

I truly liked the fragrance and extremely happy with the quality diffusers of various brands. Very impressive!!

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