October 12, 2015


happy columbus day y'all. when i was working at my old job i never got this day off so it's nice to sit around and lounge today. JUST kidding i have two client meetings today and will be working away! thanks to the hubs for playing with the two little rascals. :) really three, stanley the puppy is our most difficult child! anyway - i recently saw descriptions of two illnesses that pretty much sum me up perfectly. 1. design a.d.d. and 2. dmd  aka decision making disorder. now i can at least label my problems!! (a third might be pillow hoarding disorder.)

my lovely better half frequently reminds (we'll call it that to be nice) me that i seemingly like something for 6 months and then want to change it. i think it's actually closer to 12-24 months but you know, generally speaking he's got a point. it also makes it more challenging that he's on the opposite end of the change spectrum. anyway, call it over exposed or unfocused or whatever you want but i like to change things up! i'm also finding that the older i get, the more i'm drawn to calmer interiors and colors. not too long ago i would have jumped at the chance to paint a wall coral. but these days i'm all about light and neutral. a reflection on my daily life with two 3 year olds maybe? ;) yet at the same time i don't want plain, boring, or vanilla. so i often find myself "correcting" some of the short-sighted design decisions i've made around here which to mr. r is like nails on a chalkboard!

the second disorder i suffer from kind of seems contradictory to the first one - making decisions!! but more specifically i suffer from it in the context of my own home. in clients' homes i have SO much more clarity but in my own home i hem and haw and struggle to reach a decision! sometimes it's funds-related (ok a lot of times), sometimes it relates back to over exposure, and almost always it's that i want whatever i'm working on to be so perfect that i'm afraid of making the wrong call. i think it's actually pretty common for designers to struggle with this in their homes and not with clients but it's still frustrating!

where do you fall? do either of these ring true for you? check back tomorrow for how this is manifesting itself in my home currently. :) and because i can't leave you without a pretty picture, how about this entry. so calm and pretty. and look at that door color!

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