October 16, 2015

Out For A Vote

eeks! designing your own remodel is tough y'all! so much second guessing and wavering. (see two posts ago!) right now i'm having second thoughts about the shiplap in the entry and by second thoughts i mean, should i do more?! we are currently planning to cover the stairs (halfway up the big wall which i am still good with) and the angled walls in front of the stairs. but something keeps nagging at me and makes me question whether we should just cover the entire space. orrrr put up a cool wallpaper. orrrr...you get the point. :)

just as a reminder of what we're talking about - all the walls you see in this pic would be shiplapped in the current design.

and here's the facing wall with the front door. plus there's also more wall to the right isn't in view in this pic. p.s. these photos were taken before we moved in hence no rugs and the ugly sconces. :)

so i'm putting it out there for a vote - shiplap only the stairs wall and wall in front of the stairs OR the whole bleeping entry?? some inspo pics to help...

original inspiration pic (minus those built in drawers):

and a whole bunch more...

help!! would love your thoughts!


Lacey said...

Sorry Mr. R... I think the whole thing!

lynda said...

hi Meredith. I am enjoying the blog! I say only half the wall.

Megan said...

I would say only half and then cool wallpaper!

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