October 27, 2015


ok so monday came and went and i kinda sorta forgot to update you on the shiplap decision. thanks for the call out LGP! :) i ended up being asked to make a decision on friday afternoon - surprise - so i didn't do more wall-staring all weekend which is probably why it slipped my mind. that and i have three clients right now who are occupying my time - in a good way! hence why i'm feeling scattered. anyway i decided to stick with the original plan and not cover the whole entry. i felt like i needed to see it up first before going all in and if we really want to add it, we can in the future. so all is not lost :) and i feel at peace with the decision which i think means it was the right one. whew!

i spent last night debating paint colors and finishes for everything. i think i pretty much have that nailed down (famous last words). going with lots dove white and a charcoal color for the basement built ins. can't wait to see that one come to life! i'm also going to take this opportunity to paint the inside of the front door as well. why not?!

progress on monday - the installation of a bench seat at our kitchen table. surprise! this was a little add on that we threw in late in the game but i think such a great one. we debated adding seating on all sides of the bump out but in the end felt like 1. you would have to crawl around to get to the back and 2. it would likely necessitate a custom table and a pedestal which isn't my first choice for this space. here's the space pre-move in:

ack that yellow! shield your eyes! and here's the progress so far:

also got this nice text from the shop building our new powder room vanity. the paint was literally in the midst of drying! this will be such a vast improvement.

and that's all i have for you! today a kitchen backsplash is being ripped out at a client's house and in a week we should have beautiful new gray subway installed along with sleek new quartz counters. :) it's going to be a great before and after!

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