November 23, 2015

2015 Gift Guide: For The Babes

thanksgiving week ahh!! finishing out my gift guides this week with the littles and the ladies. i'm afraid my kiddo gift guide is becoming increasingly focused on boys and more specifically 3-4 year old boys since that is what i live and breath at the moment! but i've tried to think outside of that very narrow scope.


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1. when i was younger i went through a sleeping bag phase which meant i slept in my sleeping bag on top of my bed every night. anyone else do that? bonus was that i didn't have to make my bed in the morning! here's one that you wouldn't mind seeing out all the time (also comes in boy colors). 

2. charlie and finn love their scooters and love playing "scooter races" in our driveway. they can also take them around the neighborhood which is extremely helpful when trying to walk the dog. ;) this also comes in a bunch of other colors and this is the "mini" version but they also make a "maxi" version for bigger kids.

3. my little ones have all of a sudden gotten into dinosaurs. they walk around pretending to be them - a lot. it's a lovely sound.

4. i have such fond memories of my big wheels as a kid. i hope c & f do too! p.s. this also comes in pink!

5. one of these fabulous banners from sharp tooth studio on etsy would be the perfect addition to any kid's room or a playroom!

6. when my boys were babies i wouldn't have sprung for these booties (especially x2) but i sure would've loved to have received them as a gift!

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