December 4, 2015

Client Project: Windows, Windows Windows!

whew TGIF! and a great big happy birthday to my better half!! i love you mr. r!! yesterday i surprised him with a garage organization system from garage tek which was a hit and i kind of can't believe i pulled it off. if you're in need of some help with garage clutter, this is for you (and no one is paying me to say that although i kinda wish they were ;). it also made us purge a bunch of stuff - i loooove to purge it's like my fav thing - but only to a point because i didn't want to make him suspicious!

i just started working with a new client and she and her family recently relocated to the area. i totally commend her because starting over is hard to do!! they bought a new house and the first thing she wants to focus on are the windows. a little unorthodox to start there but fun nonetheless! so i shared with her two ideas, one bolder and one safer, and they chose the bold option! we might end up choosing a different dragon fabric but the idea is still there.

Melissa windows 1

samples are ordered and we're off and running! have a great weekend - we'll be getting our tree!

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