December 14, 2015

Wallpaper On The Brain

happy monday y'all. do you ever feel like you need a vacation after a vacation? i feel that way today - we had a whirlwind of a long weekend. thursday of last week we surprised the boys with a trip on the polar express in new hampshire which was a lot of fun (and for anyone local who may be interested - i'd say it's a one and done kind of trip but worth it!). then got home, put up our tree (finally!) and tidied the house up for a few friends who came over for a wine and design night where we essentially drank wine and talked about all things design (fairly self-explanatory there). my dream! :) then on saturday we surprised the kids again with a bruins game which we decided was waaaay too much money for this age. i think we were about 15 minutes in before we heard the first "when is it over?" :| sunday we baked cookies with my in laws and had a birthday party to go to. it was all good but i need a nap.

so anyway today i have wallpaper on the brain. specifically wallpaper for a dining room. mine to be precise. however we have just completed a series of projects at our home, which i may have mentioned a time or two ;), so this whole wallpaper idea is completely out of the question. but a girl can dream and this girl loves to come up with ideas for when the time comes (which, yes mr. r, is a long time from now!).

i'm a little bit all over the map but one idea that i love is something really large scale. and i'm thinking in the blue and white family. we have wainscoting on the lower part of the wall so i think that would help break it up some.

there's thibaut's thai ikat which i've always liked and in fact i have a sample of it in a different colorway when i was considering wallpapering our entry way back.

i recently saw it on pencil and paper co's instagram and fell hard again.

i love the idea of a medallion pattern and one that's been catching my eye lately is from sanderson. it's huge which i think is really cool but i wonder if it's too creamy. obviously would need a sample (which i am not ordering).

there's actually some green in the close up.

one unaffordable but amazing-to-look-at option is galbraith & paul's lotus. perfection.

sadly that one would always be out of the question unless we won the lottery. p.s. speaking of wallpaper...who wants to have a baby OR redecorate a kids room so we can use this fox wallpaper? i mean how adorable?! pleeeease!!! :)

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