January 25, 2016

Lucky Me!

monday, monday you snuck up on me! people, when it rains it pours. i was fortunate enough to have four new clients reach out over a three day period last week which makes for a lot of projects and a lot of busy. it's so great and i'm both proud and very grateful. but when i look at the next few weeks coming up i'm already like whoa!! if i look back to a year ago, this is exactly what i wished would happen. :)

also if anyone read last monday's post then you must have been like what the what??? i should really read what i write in my drafts before i publish them live. i wrote like one sentence and then jumped to something else. please tell me next time lol!

so one of my new clients is someone who already has an amazing house with amazing design. then what i am doing you wonder? i'm helping them (her - it's always the wife ;) finish off the last details. and also the kids rooms could use a little jazzing up so we're focusing there as well. i am personally so excited because i rarely get to work on a little girl's room and there is going to be an adorable one in this project! here are a few rooms i've pinned for inspiration.

amber interiors

studio mcgee

(the former) owens and davis

house of jade interiors

amber interiors

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