February 20, 2016

Project Update: Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

oh hi there again little blog. i have been the worst at blogging lately but lots of clients + getting ready and then leaving for vacation left me with no time. sorry!! an unorthodox saturday post but trying to fit this in between beach and dinner!

so finally i'm sharing our kitchen and breakfast nook (which ps is a weird thing to call it since we do a lot more than just eat breakfast there!). you may have seen that this photo got regrammed a couple of times last weekend which made me feel insta-famous for the day!! ;) thank you again to studio mcgee and one kings lane for the love!!

here was the before:

it was a sad state of affairs. we added a new pendant (and the not-so-old light was moved into the dining room), table, chairs (and said farewell to our high chairs for some boosters), and built in seat. the built in was a late decision as we were doing the work from the other projects last fall and i'm so glad we pulled the trigger. it changed the whole space. the roman shades are pretty much the only thing that didn't change but now they look like they belong! here's the wider view of the first photo:

the red frames around the silhouettes are left over from a time when i thought i'd add some red to our lives. it was a terrible, horrible idea and i blame it on lack of sleep and general mom brain! ;)

the bench cushion is indoor/outdoor fabric and has already been put to the test with tomato sauce and wiped up no problem!

in the kitchen we changed out the island counter and the pendants above the island and the sink. i did a 2" edge on the counter because i love that thick look. it's marble and we have to be careful but it's pretty and so so much better than the old tan granite. i had already added the backsplash a couple of years ago in preparation for these updates. we also swapped out our old metal counter stools for leather ones to add a little warmth and texture.

and a little peek into the family room which got a pretty good makeover! we added that big cased opening/wall leading into the family room to get some separation of space. there is definitely such a thing as too open. it was one giant bowling alley and this just makes it feel like two separate spaces. i also think it made the family room seem bigger in some strange way. i'd also like to add a runner to the other side of the island (right side in the pic below) but i'm having trouble committing to one.  anyway, more to come!

tootles! (too much mickey mouse club house ha)


Jackie V said...

How is the table holding up with little kids? Did you put any poly or other sealer on it?

meredith said...

It's been great so far! Wipes right up! I didn't put anything on it - it came with a nice finish.

Rejuvenation said...

Love this kitchen! The Butte pendants look beautiful in your design!

AshleyHart said...

Hi, can you please share where you ordered your bench cushion or the fabric? I'm looking for something similar!

meredith said...

I had the cushion made locally but the fabric is from Pottery Barn. It's called Premium Performance Basketweave in light gray.

Alea said...

Hi there!! Just love this kitchen!! We are building a house and have this layout currently, so it is so neat to see it in photos!! Would you be willing to tell me how much distance is between your island and the sink and the island and the wall??? Or any measurements???
I was worried about the negative space in front of the dining, and would love your input!!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful space!

meredith said...

Hi Alea, sorry for the delay. A couple of quick measurements - we have 42.5" counter edge to counter edge between the island and the sink. Also 53.5" between the edge of the island counter and the fridge. We definitely had a no man's land between the kitchen and family room but the large cased opening helped make it feel more purposeful. Good luck!

Alissa Milito said...

Great space! Where are your silhouette pictures from? TIA

meredith said...

Hi Alissa! The silhouettes are from an etsy seller called Blue Clara!

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