February 23, 2016

Real Estate: Charming Naples Style

so i thought it would be fun to play the real estate game in the place we're calling home this week. and man is there good house shopping around here. naples is really diverse - there's the high rise north naples and there's the charming old naples and a little of everything else in between. we're in old naples and it's gorgeous. walk to town and the beach with a pool in our backyard. the biggest surprise to me so far is how much mr. r likes it here! the outdoor living is just such a nice change from our regular february lives at home.

so anyway there's no shortage of pretty houses to look at - some gawdier and more ostentatious than others but some are really so pretty. my favorite style are the white houses with gray metal roofs and pale blue shutters. there's one next door to us so i'm going to try to snap a few pics one day!

ok so first up, the most modest of the bunch i've rounded up - 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2900 sf for $3.425. eeks!

it's hard to wrap your head around these prices.

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