February 8, 2016

Z Gallerie Art

hi friends how was your weekend? winter decided to make an appearance here in new england and we got actual snow on friday. i almost forgot what it looked like! ;) we finally introduced the boys to the joys of sledding and while it's a lot of work for us, it's worth it to see the pure elation on their faces. we're supposed to get more this week. now now february, you were behaving so nicely. don't go all 2015 on us!

i got the new z gallerie catalog in the mail and actually took a second to flip through it. they have some amazing art!! and in particular oversize art that isn't a million dollars. check it.

i think this one is my favorite - horses and it's giant (almost 65" wide). plus it has a pretty white floater frame.

moody grays just waiting to make a statement somewhere!

more horses :)

i don't know why i like this one but i do. it would be all wrong in my house but in a formal space it could be really good.

they also have a whole bunch of original art too (at much heftier prices). what are your faves?

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