March 16, 2016

Fun Knobs

this past weekend we (i) decided to get our charlie boy a bigger dresser and since it was an "i" kind of thing,  i couldn't spend too much (are you catching my drift?! ;). so we headed to ikea, or as a friend of mine put it, swedish for divorce!! haha! happy to say we made it through assembly although i will admit we barely made it through carrying the stupid thing up the stairs (our stairs turn halfway).

it obviously comes with knobs but they're a little boring and i thought it might be fun to swap them out to make it feel a little less ikea. as it happens anthropologie has a ton of cute options.

obsessed with both the elephant and flamingo. and maybe the zebra too haha!

a bunny and a fox (although do you think it looks like a cat and not a fox?).

i love this one so much but it doesn't get great reviews. :(

love this guy - might be my fav.

simple and pretty.

brass and leather - heart eyes.

another elephant and fox. why not!

i need to go see some of these in person. anyone have a favorite?


Anonymous said...

I really like this dresser- & I vote for either the brass/wood knobs or the little fox- so cute!! Please tell me- did you purchase the white or white stain? Do you know what the difference is?

Toni C

meredith said...

Thanks! I purchased the white stain - you can see the wood grain through it (but no wood tone). The white is opaque and I think more off white.

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