March 7, 2016

Tricked Out Laundry

hiiiiii!! i am the worstest most terrible blogger ever. sorry! i need more hours in the day. and also more sleep but who doesn't need that?! so anyway lately i've been dreaming about tricking out our laundry room a little more. i think it's still not as functional as it could be and even after wallpapering i still can't get over how much i hate the flooring. so i put together a a couple of design boards with the main difference being the floor. could also keep the cabinets white - currently they're a bleh off white so regardless i'd like to paint them. would love to hear your thoughts on both!

p.s. my downton abbey cohorts. best ending ever maybe? i like knowing everyone is going to be happy. :) but one tiny thing that irks me - why didn't they say the name of anna's baby?! did i miss it?

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