April 25, 2016

Beauty Products!

hey friends! how was your week? i took a complete break from blogging which i have to say was really nice! :) but not from instagram as you *may* have seen a picture or two from our trip on there. i fear i alienated some people but it really was a cool spot.

today i thought i'd do something completely unrelated to design and talk about the beauty products i use a regular basis. i don't think anything here will be earth shattering finds but i think it's always fun to hear what other people use in case you're looking to try something new! i use a mix of high and low

in the shower... ever since our little lice incident i was feeling itchy so i tried a new shampoo called clear scalp for color treated hair. it smells nice and i feel less itchy. might be completely psychological, i don't know.

on my face i use tata harper's purifying cleanser. it's super gentle and feels cool on your skin.

nothing else notable in the shower. on to post-shower. i use a toner (leftover from years of proactiv shipments) but i'll need to find a new one once it runs out. i do think toner makes a difference in helping my skin not to dry out. then i put on la mer face cream. it's a total luxury but it lasts a long time and i haven't found anything else that makes my skin feel as yummy.

for the days when makeup happens, my new go-to is beauty counter's dew skin. it's a tinted moisturizer that goes on so easily and blends right in. a little goes a long way and it also doesn't leave your hands all makeup-y which i totally appreciate. bonus - it's spf 20 which i'm trying to pay more attention to now that i've had a bunch of age spots lasered (highly recommend it!!).

for under my eyes, around the sides of the nostrils, and laugh lines i adore ysl touche ├ęclat. i have yet to find a better concealer.

on my cheeks (plus nose, forehead, and chin) i love stila''s duo highlighter.

mascara - mascara is the one thing that i will put on if nothing else. i'm lucky to have long lashes so i always look for mascaras that add volume. i love two - chanel's inimitable and l'oreal's voluminous million lashes. both in black. since i use mascara a lot though, i more often than not reach for the l'oreal.

every night i use clarins lip balm and it cures chapped lips. this stuff really lasts but it also reminds me, i need more.

hair - most days i go for the beachy wavy hair look because i've run out of time to dry my hair. as i've gotten older, my hair has gotten curlier! i like not your mothers sea salt spray which doesn't have any crunchy effect whatsoever and smells like you've been at the beach all day! on the days i do dry my hair, i like not your mother's heat protector spray. these are both drug store finds, nothing fancy. if anyone has a beachy/wavy hair product that they love, please share!!

my routine is very short as i prefer sleeping to primping. :) but i'd love to know your favorite products and what works best for you.

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