May 4, 2016

Ikea Favorites

i was telling some friends the other day that i was going hit up ikea for some new bedding and they were surprised to hear how much i love ikea's linens. so i thought i'd do a little round up on linens and a few other things that i love from ikea.

bedding - here's the secret - it's super soft. and what doesn't go with mini stripes? we have the gray version in our bedroom right now. (just the duvet folded at the end of our bed. the pillow cases don't do much for me.)

and this buffalo check is awesome for a kid's rooms.

this blanket says do not dry but i did and guess what. it's fine.

lighting - they really do have some great lighting options like the ranarp series.

and the hektar series which i just think is perfect.

two favorite dressers - hemnes and malm.

i just found this oppland nightstand and thought it would be so cute in a kiddo room!

what are your ikea faves?!

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