May 17, 2016

Minted Fabrics

yesterday i was interviewed by a company about how i started my small (micro!) business. as i was describing my journey and what i'm doing today, i realized that i'm pretty proud of what i've done in the last year! i'm not trying to toot my own horn but i just never thought that i'd be at this point and it's exciting to think about. :)

on another note, did you know that minted has fabrics now? first awesome cards and invitations, then great art - are fabrics their next best thing? i especially love the designs for kids.

i actually think these two would be so good as wallpapers. next idea?

love this take on a basketweave.

how adorable would either of these be in a little girls room?

a fresh take on nautical flags.

a couple of cute geometrics.

pineapples make me smile.

this print would mix so well with other patterns.

and last but not least a perfectly imperfect stripe.

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