May 18, 2016

Pattern Play With Pillows

today i thought i'd talk about one of my most favorite things - mixing pillows! a question i'm asked a lot is how do i know what fabrics/patterns to put together. it definitely takes practice but when you get the mix just right, you know it.

one trick is to use patterns all from one line where they're all made to work together. you can't go wrong! i would probably throw in one more solid to finish it off.

[studio mcgee mix and match]

so you want that boho vibe? choose indigo, black and white and one or two pops of color.

[laid back cool]

another idea - pick one color palette and stick to it but mix up patterns both in scale and type.


sometimes what works best feels counter intuitive.  opposites attract and the unexpected mix makes this combo a winner. the mud cloth is funky but the colors are subtle. the pinstripe is classic but the olive color makes it interesting. and the pink pillow softens the whole thing and makes it pretty. you might see this one again in the future, just sayin!

[wild card]

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