June 14, 2016

Black Pendant Love

getting busy with some client projects lately which is fun but leaves no time for checking in here! also i've been trying to catch up on the bachelorette - love jojo! :) i've seen a couple of kitchens on my instagram feed lately using the same black pendants that we put in our kitchen last fall and i'm loving it!!

photo by kate renyi (p.s. special thanks to benjamin moore for regramming this shot!)

photo by kate renyi 

this kitchen by becki owens is so good. makes me fall in love with the pendants all over again!

then i saw it pop up again in studio mcgee's feed on their windsong project! i can not WAIT for the reveal of this house.

i first saw them used in a kitchen by house of jade interiors which i've raved about before!

and they also used the same pendants in an office project.

have i sold you yet? just in case not, i put one in a condo in boston in navy and it turned out super cute! :)


Robin said...

Hello! I'm interested in these pendants. Are they the 24 inches?

meredith said...

Hi! They come in both 24" and 18" the last picture is 18". :)

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