June 28, 2016

Linen T Shirt Love

i picked up two linen shirts recently that i love and i'm sharing because you shouldn't keep these kinds of things to yourself. ;) before you freak out that it's linen - they say to hand wash but that's for people with time. i stick mine in a laundry bag in the washer and then lay it on a rack to dry.

i bought exactly one thing for myself on our nantucket trip and it was this linen long sleeve shirt/sweater from the island company. i love that store. we went to one in naples last february and i always try to go when we're in nantucket. anyway this top is lightweight and pretty see through - more so than it looks in the picture - but so pretty layered with a tank top.

second is this t shirt from j crew. it has kind of a boxier fit on top and then gets narrower at the hips which sounds odd but is actually a very flattering cut.

i'm actually on the hunt for some good t shirts - if you have any favorites please share!!

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