June 27, 2016

Remember Me?

you guys i am just not feeling the whole blog thing lately. i don't know why but i'm having trouble coming up with content that i'm excited about. i'm not saying bye or anything but i need to get my head back in it somehow.

ok so you just may have seen a post or two on instagram of our trip last week to one of our most favorite places on earth - nantucket. i promise a recap post of the trip this week! we really had a great time.

today i wanted to share a couple of sources for leather pulls because one of the best ways to dress up some built ins or a dresser is to add a touch of leather. a few examples...

via housetweaking blog

and from the amazingness that is amber interiors.

i always turn to etsy when looking for this kind of thing and these pulls are a steal at $16 for 2. loving the natural leather and brass. they would look awesome on a built in desk or on some cabinets in a living room. and after coming up empty on my search for pulls for charlie's ikea dresser, i'm thinking of using these!

on the other end of the spectrum are these pulls from walnut studiolo. they also come in natural leather and that wood and leather combo is so good. the size is customizable as well!

these pulls are from the same seller and have a totally different feel from the first one above.

some food for thought for your monday!

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