June 2, 2016


r to the u to the g to the z. rugs might be a boring subject to some but if you say it with a z then it's totally exciting right? ;) but seriously though, i just have to repost a blog post from studio mcgee because they did a round up of their fave antique rug sources and so many of them are on my own list, plus a few more that were new to me.

i've personally had luck with rugs from chairish, kaya kilims, and one not listed below, pillows store on eBay. here is the list from studio mcgee but go to their blog to see the full post with links!

a few tips -

1. search until you feel like you've exhausted the internet. there are treasures hidden out there! i spent one night on vacation searching for hours but in the end i did find a really pretty rug for not a lot of moolah.

2. negotiate price! especially on eBay but etsy too and particularly if it's a foreign seller. i've had luck asking for 10-15% off the purchase price.

3. ask for additional pictures if you don't feel like you've seen every angle in the pictures on the site. i bought one rug that in person looked pretty different from the pics online and i think it had to do with the lighting. i wish i had bugged them for more pics.

4. remember these rugs are not supposed to be perfect. some wearing or fringe missing is part of the story so embrace it!

5. if you like it, jump on it. the good ones go fast and if you hesitate chances are it won't be there after you've thought about it.

there are some great finds out there as we speak! here are some pretties for you...

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Ashley said...

I just scored a beauty from ECarpet Gallery last weekend during a huge Memorial Day sale they were having. I'm so excited for it to come! Thanks for the tips...looking to add a few more rugs to out home over the next few months!

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