July 25, 2016

Office Inspiration

today i'm officially into my late 30s. it freaks me out, not gonna lie. i feel about 25 in my mind though so i'll just keep pretending i'm not old! this year for my birthday i got a...DESK CHAIR!!! so exciting. ;) but seriously i had been eyeing it for a while and a friend of mine has it and once i saw it i couldn't get it out of my mind. maybe most importantly mr. r liked it and when that happens we better jump on it fast. thanks mom and dad for the cash money so i could spend it on the desk chair of my dreams.

and while i'm at it, i thought i'd add it to a little design board i've been working on. this design will probably change 500 more times before any of this really comes to fruition (and who knows when that will be) but see how the chair fits right in?! baby steps!

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