September 29, 2016

Leather Pillow Source

good news today and bad news. bad news first - i shattered the screen of my phone. i've dropped it plenty of times but for whatever reason, it happened to fall flat on it's back which splintered the front. hoping the insurance i have will cover it. otherwise happy early christmas to me.

now for the good news - i have finally found the etsy shop where i had my leather pillows in our family room made! elizabeth at house of pillows! she actually found me on instagram and i'm so glad she did.

photography by Kate Renyi

the design i dreamt up was to have a seam vertically and horizontally but you can have them made as one seamless piece as well. these are the real deal though and elizabeth helped me source that perfect leather from a couple of images i sent. very glad this mystery has been solved! (if only my memory was in tact, it would never have been a mystery!!)

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