October 26, 2016

Nursery E-Design

good lord i have been flat out lately. if i owe you an email or a text or a call i'm sorry!! we also have a family wedding this weekend and my boys are in the wedding which is cute but always adds a little stress! i've rented three dresses from rent the runway so i'm hoping they 1. all show up (i got screwed once before hence three) and 2. at least one looks decent. pretty much defeats the purpose of renting when you rent 3!! lol  side note - why doesn't blogger have emojis?! kills me.

i have a bunch of projects that should be wrapping up by the end of the year, and some before that, so i'm excited to share what i've been working on with you. even i get surprised by how much time this stuff takes. not in a bad way but it's hard when you struggle with patience (me!!). in the meantime i wanted to share a nursery that i worked on for an e-design client. i actually created a couple of different looks but i loved them all. such a sucker for nurseries!

my client wanted a place to take a catnap in the room so i added a daybed which could one day serve as a big boy bed. the glider is a placeholder as they are inheriting one from a friend. but i think a mom, i mean baby, could be very happy here. we all know who it's really for after all ;)

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