November 29, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Men

it's that time of year y'all! gift guides are back! sorry i didn't get to them before all of the crazy sales over thanksgiving weekend but hopefully you haven't finished shopping quite yet. up first are the gentlemen and honestly this might be my favorite one. everything just feels so handsome!

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1. classic bean boots. you just can't go wrong and these ones are lined with thinsulate which is a real game changer. (news flash - you'll be seeing another version of these again!)

2. some guys cook, not mine, but some do (!) and this apron will help them look dapper while they're whipping up something yummy.

3. i think i put the vest version of this jacket in last year's guide but what can i say? i'm a sucker for this style.

4. loving the simple look of this watch and the hint of green is a nice surprise.

5. do the men in your life wear slippers? mr. r does not and will not. i swear his internal temperature is set at like 200 degrees - the man is never cold! but if he did wear slippers, i'd get him these.

6. finding the right work bag can be a struggle. this one looks polished but also casual enough for every day.

7. according to the hubs, the cords are comfortable and slim fitting which is key since sometimes those two things are hard to find in one pair of pants.

8. i don't know what it is about these coolers but every guy i know wants one. and i caved this summer and we now own one but i like to think of it as a very early christmas gift ;)

9. this bag is definitely more of a wishlist item given the price but it puts every other backpack to shame (yes! it's a backpack!). but check out the whole selection at need supply - there are so many good ones at a variety of price points.

i'll be back with the ladies, home, and hopefully kids if i don't run out of steam!

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