December 1, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Women

saved the best for last!! (although i still might do the kiddos!)

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1. i love this bag so much. it's somehow so simple but not boring. just perfect.

2. beside the chloe version, this is my fav saddle bag. and i'd love to have one but alas i still carry around 800 lbs of crap with me on a daily basis so no small cute bag for me!

3. the classic bean boot. told you you'd see it again (also on my men's guide)! i have this exact pair and they 1. last forever and 2. never go out of style, at least in my opinion!

4. stylish and inspirational, what could be better? i can speak from experience - the new domino book is good!

5. not a gift guide goes by that i don't have a pair of lake pajamas. i asked for these again this year which will be my third pair - clearly i'm obsessed. i think i've said it before but it's worth repeating - buy a size up from your normal size, they shrink!

6. this hat will surely keep you warm and hip, a combo that's not always easy to find.

7. bracelet number one of two, the budget-conscious option, that does not sacrifice on style.

8. bracelet two, the splurge. it's just so pretty i had to.

9. i get compliments all the time on my phone case so i included it here! it's caitlin wilson's buffalo check pattern.

10. we all need an aspirational item, amiright? for me it's this coat which is a new style and i'm loving this dark green which weird weird weird because i'm not normally a fan of green.

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Anonymous said...

Do you still love your kitchen window treatments? I have the exact same predicament! And I don't want to commit to a pattern in case I want to change things up in the future. My kitchen is all white with very light gray barstools

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