January 5, 2017

Client Project: Dining Room Reveal

first things first today - happy 5th birthday to my sweet baby big boys!! i was ready to freeze them at age 4 but they informed me that wasn't possible. we love you so incredibly much finn and charlie 💕

i've been working on a bunch of projects this past summer and fall and just a couple of weeks before christmas, we got this beauty photographed by the amazing kate renyi of ker photography who also happened to hook me up with this client. 🙏 so a big thank you to both kate and my clients!

when i came to the house for the first time, i got the full tour but the first order of business was making this dining room sing. the only things in the room were the dining table and some not-so-pretty curtain panels. they wanted to keep the table since it was new (even though they didn't completely love it) but otherwise it was a completely blank slate!

so my challenge was to take a table that wasn't exactly their style and make it work in a room that, in the end, is completely their style. what we did: added grasscloth, a showstopper chandelier, a beauty of a rug, custom drapery, a console, artwork and sconces. oh and chairs! those are important in a dining room. ;)

we needed non-electrical sconces and i think these were such a pretty find!

the console had to be really narrow in order not to make the room feel cramped. i found this faux shagreen and brass one and nearly squealed. it fits perfectly!

unfortunately the box that i ordered didn't come in time so the one above is just a stand-in but the other accessories are almost all from west elm and they work so well.

a few more details - we did double trim on the drapery just to give it a little extra oomph.

these chairs from restoration hardware have such a pretty shape and maybe more importantly, they're comfortable!

we had to get one of those cool blurry shots with me carrying flowers to nowhere. 😉

the chandelier deserves a close up too. i love how this shot caught the art reflecting in the little ball hanging down.

it feels so good to wrap up this room and i don't think you really notice the style of the table anymore because the rest of the room elevates it. i am so incredibly happy to report that my clients say they walk in this room just to stare at it. next we're moving on to the living room which will be super fun to work on. spoiler alert - the plan is to add paneling to the walls and slather it in gray paint! 😍


runnrnell said...

gorgeous! Do you mind sharing who you use for your window treatments? I am in Boston and looking to have custom drapes made!

meredith said...

Hi! I use a workroom that works with interior designers (only, unfortunately) but you might try searching Houzz for a seamstress. Best of luck!

Stephanie Coughlin said...

Beautiful. Can you share the source for the artwork and sconces? Thank you

Brigid said...

Yes I would love to know where the artwork is from

Kelly@Bungalow Blue said...

This is absolutely amazing, well done! The chairs, chandelier and art look stunning against the grass cloth and those sconces are a favorite of mine....I've gone back and forth over putting them in my own dining room! LOVE!

meredith said...

Kelly thank you so much!! I love those sconces too, they actually pulled it all together for me! XO

meredith said...

Stephanie, I'm so sorry but I'm not able to share as many sources for client projects. I really appreciate you reading the post though!!

meredith said...

Brigid, so sorry I'm not able to share more sources for client projects but thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! I appreciate it!

Grace Kepper said...

Would love to know a source for your sconces? Any hope???

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