January 26, 2017

Favorite Sisal/Jute Rugs

one of the best design tools there is is a sisal/jute rug. they can be formal or informal, they're excellent for layering, and they add that much needed texture that in my experience i've found lacking in so many rooms. so i thought i'd round up both images of these rugs as well as some of my (readily available) favorites.

 redo remodeling and construction via homebunch

via my domaine

waterleaf interiors

studio mcgee

kerrisdale design

waterleaf interiors

amber interiors

better homes & gardens

chango & co

house seven design

here are five of my favorites - i've used them all in either clients homes or my home and love how each of them brings something different to the table!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

what's your take?!

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Linda Darling said...

I love the look of natural fiber rugs, in pictures. I have had such terrible experiences with them. I bought a sisal and my family complained about how uncomfortable it was. Any spill made a pink stain would not come out and a rug cleaning company told me no one will try to clean them professionally because the risk of ruining them is too great. Then I tried a jute, two of them to be matter of fact. The amount of dirt that came off them was enormous and every time my family would walk on them, something sharp would stick in their foot. Then they started to unravel at the corners. Part of me has just given up on them. How do they get to be so popular with decorators if there are problems like this? Would appreciate your advice!

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