January 20, 2017


1. it's friday - yay! 2. it's inauguration friday - _________ (fill in the blank!). mr. r said to me, "can you believe this is really going to happen?" and i think whether you're a supporter or a "hater" or somewhere in the middle, it's pretty shocking.

i have a few of random things to discuss today. the first is that i'm very excited to report that i'm getting a new phone. if you've seen my phone, you'll be happy for me lol. it's wrecked. and this is the second screen that i've cracked so i gave up and didn't get it fixed again. a client/friend sent me this video and it's hysterical slash dead on. 😂

but i need to be much more careful with my pretty new phone so i'm wondering...anyone have a good case recommendation? i need it to be sturdy but also not ugly. i'm tempted to go with the "tough" version of the case i have now and add a screen protector.

and speaking of caitlin wilson, have you seen this bathroom she did? i can't stop staring. that hex tile all over the walls is such a statement but without being overpowering. so good.

lastly, i saw this lamp on instagram (and now i can't remember where!) and thought it was so great. navy with a linen kind of texture all for under 40 bucks. wracking my brain on where i can put it!

have a great weekend! p.s. thank you for all the support on the kitchen refresh! 😘😘

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