January 3, 2017

School's Back!! And Some Great Totes

hallelujah, choirs singing, and parents everywhere walking around with stupid smiles on their faces. oh no? just me? 😜 i love my little boys but there comes a time when we're all ready to get our routine back. we had a great christmas and new year - we saw sing, went skating in boston, and hung out with friends and family. and we're not even done yet because their birthday is just around the corner! we took down our decorations and the tree which always feels good to get that done and not have it hanging over your head (literally).

anyway! mr. r said that he thinks we could own fifty canvas tote bags and it still wouldn't be enough and i know what he means. it's always nice to have an extra bag around and somehow they all end up being used. so it got me thinking about my favorite place for these kinds of bags and that happens to be landsend. side note: i have ll bean ones too but there are no pockets - inside or out - which kills me. i also don't love how stiff their canvas is compared to landsend although mr. r likes how the ll bean canvas feels sturdier. still up for debate (and yes, this is an actual conversation we've had 😆)! i rounded up my current faves which reminds me of another thing i love - they're always putting out new patterns/colors.

i may or may not have a few of these 😉  p.s. happy new year everyone!!

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