March 28, 2017

Bathroom Accessories

our toothbrush holder two years ago...and i'm finally thinking maybe i should replace it. but then i realized how hard it is to find decent looking bathroom accessories. this is the nitty gritty kind of stuff that usually gets cleared off the counter for photos. so i went hunting and came up with a few options.

brooke wagner design

georgiana design

marble is always pretty.

i found this collection by umbra and i think it's such a great, affordable option. i wouldn't necessarily buy the whole "set" but these would easily mix with other styles. plus it comes in white or black - can't decide which i like better!

metal more your style? this combo is so pretty!

and last but not least my favorite trash can and tray.

and voila! what do you use to corral the clutter in your bathroom?


Libbi Vynalek said...

Can you please link the basket trashbin and tray at the end? Thanks!

Life On Hill Street said...

Beautiful collection of bathroom accessories - thanks for sharing! I really like the trash can and tray at the bottom too! Thanks for posting :)

meredith said...

Hi Libbi - I linked them in the sentence above but I added another link below. Sorry that was confusing!! Thanks for reading :)

meredith said...

Thanks so much Amy! I'm not sure why this category seems so neglected!

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