March 13, 2017

Faux Greenery

there's no denying how much adding some greenery can help with an overall design. any of these photos i took of my home without the green would be pretty boring. 😴

but keeping up with all of those plants can be tricky. plus not every climate works with greenery all year round. i know some people gag when they hear "fake plants" but personally i'm sure glad they exist. and luckily some of my favorite stores have really put effort into creating some awesome options. no more does faux mean ugly. can you tell they're not real? well yes. but it's not an offensive copy!

so i took a moment to collect a bunch of the trees, branches, and little pots i turn to when sourcing faux greens.

the little guys:

the fiddle leaf figs:

1 | 2 | 3

the branches:

the cacti: 



Life On Hill St said...

AH! I'm totally bookmarking this post for when our renovation is over. I am a sad story when it comes to trying to keep plants alive, so I've decided that at this house (and now that I have kids!) I'm not going to make myself crazy and just get the faux versions. Thank you SO MUCh for doing my research for me! Now if only those contractors would hurry up and finish...

meredith said...

Thanks Amy!! I'm so glad it will be helpful :)

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