March 16, 2017

Shop The Post: Mudroom

work and snow have been taking up my days and nights lately and i'm still catching up from being away for nearly two weeks. anyone else take a while to get back in the groove? you should see our laundry room. 😳

today i thought i'd do a "shop the post" with our mudroom. i get a lot of questions about the monogrammed baskets i have above the cubbies, so here are all of the details!

the canvas bins have held up extremely well. we're constantly pulling things in and out and the canvas is sturdy enough that i can always reshape the bin if it gets out of whack. i have to say that the top level of storage is pretty useless because i can't reach it without a ladder (or doing some fancy spiderman moves). but i won't complain about having extra storage - as long as i remember what i put up there! 😉 we added the pendant last fall and it really made the room. i had waffled for a long time and i'm glad i finally pulled the trigger. i love this fixture!

canvas baskets (medium) | seagrass baskets (large) | pendant light (large)


Shira Caplan said...

Love this space of yours! :)

meredith said...

Thank you Shira! :)

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