May 9, 2017

Spring Home Tour: Living Room

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today i'm breaking down the details from our house tour starting with the living room. since this month marks the one year anniversary of my smp living blog feature, i thought it would be fun to do a then & now look at the space! there have been more changes in that last year than i would have ever anticipated but i'm glad we made them! photography by kate renyi.



pendant (ours is size large) | glass jug vase | console

it feels lighter and more interesting to me now. the big change was moving the white chairs and replacing them with a leather sofa. the second white chair went to the office (details to come!). my style is casual, coastal, electic with a touch of prep. i just made that up but i think it pretty well sums up what i'm drawn to. it was important to me to infuse the room with that style, and since this was a spring house tour, i went for pinks and pale blues to keep things light and springy.

i also refreshed nearly all of the pillows by either purchasing new ones or moving ones i already had around. the pink pillow is seriously one of my most favorite pillows ever. the striped pillow is simple but adds texture and had been living in our master bedroom! these two were meant to be together.

confession: styling shelves doesn't come easily to me. it's true! i style and re-style and edit, edit, edit. i tend to over crowd so i put a bunch of stuff of there and then take some away. almost everything here is from homegoods, amazon, or target. you don't need to spend a lot to get pretty shelves! and my advice is practice makes perfect - keep trying and eventually you'll find the right mix.

i'm completely in love with the colors of these beads. they add such amazing texture. and again this is a low cost way of styling that's still impactful.

bowl (similar) | beads

the coffee table styling also got a fresh restyle. this mix is all about texture - the tray has a rattan base, the box is bone inlay, and the planter is ceramic with the prettiest gold detail at the rim. then i layered in beads to keep it casual and a gold object to add some metal. this combo keeps things interesting and i'm proud to say i've kept this succulent plant alive for over a month! 😂

and where are the toys you ask? with two 5 year old boys we have plenty but for this shoot, i cleared them out and kind of styled the area where they normally are with a kid friendly set up. in reality this would hold a third of the toys! plus all of the cabinets are filled with games and puzzles.

what's left to do? well the rug, oh the rug. it sheds SO badly. and instead of getting better with time, it has only gotten worse. i'm over it and i'm ready to lay down sisal or jute and layer something on top. we shall see!

i've also dreamt for a while of two smaller matching chairs in front of the porch doors - something that would enable us to still open the doors obviously. and then we would maybe swing the coffee table around 90 degrees? for now i have to keep dreaming!

ok i'm sure i'm forgetting things so please ask!


Anonymous said...

Gosh I love every room you design! That pink and blue pillow is beautiful!!! The link isn't working, do you know the name of the Etsy shop?

meredith said...

Thank you so much! The link is working for me so I'm not sure what's going on? The shop is Danielle Oakley.

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