June 19, 2017

Nantucket Homes AKA A Shingled Paradise

hi friends! the end of school is an utter whirlwind. and it was only preschool. i just felt wiped and needed to take some time to recoup from the chaos. my boys came home with approximately 15 lbs each of artwork and projects - and i thought there was a lot during the school year! i think emotionally too it took a toll as they're moving on from the place they've been since they were 18 months old. so now we're taking some time to relax in one of our favorite places ever, nantucket. this week on the blog i thought i'd dedicate my posts to this gorgeous island.

i'm kicking off the week with some good old fashioned eye candy in the way of nantucket real estate. we had planned (and even put the deposit down) to rent the same house again as last year but things fell through and it led me to scour the internet for 6 days straight (and maybe a tear or two!) before finding this year's gem. we feel very lucky!

more on this place later but for now feast your eyes on more amazing properties from ack! i took of a photo of this stunner last year and it never gets old.

total fantasy land.

stunning new construction.

hanley development

blue shutters on shingles, swoon.

via traditional home

hanley development

hard to pick a favorite and seriously this is just the tip of the iceberg. i'll be posting lots more of my own pics in my instagram stories!

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